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This is the culprit…. It’s still tilting it’s head… Fuck it just whined really creepily!! That scared the shot out of me!!! It won’t stop barking and I don’t have a screw driver to remove the batteries! I thought they were dead all this time!!!

It seems I won’t be getting any sleep tonight…
I have one of those toys dogs that you plug your phone or iPod into and it plays music. Well I haven’t touched this thing in a year or 2.. And it hasn’t made a noise.. So it’s been sitting in my closet and I was starting to have a bad dream so I was pushing the thoughts away and all of a sudden I hear this vibrating noise and this demonic bark and from the crack in my closet door I see a bright red glow… It keeps barking even while I am writing this! Help me! I am so dealing scared right now!! It’s moving and tilting it’s head really slowly! I think I am about to cry!!


A baby’s bestfriend by Robert Terrell Hayes

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